Prosper and Live Happily, Forever

If the purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily, then how can we provide and guarantee the conditions that let each and every one of us fulfill that purpose?

Prosper and Live Happily, Forever

Aloha, I'm Josh, an American entrepreneur, husband, and father who is becoming more of the person I'm meant to be and living more of the life I'm meant to live. If this sounds a bit like you, then perhaps we have enough common ground to get connected and collaborate.

Please allow me to ask and answer these three fundamental questions so we can find out.

The first question is...

What is the purpose of human beings?

The Purpose of Being Human

Along my lifelong journey to improve myself and society for the better, I've been very lucky to have been introduced to fundamental concepts, such as The Prime Law, which is a sort of universal constitution based on the premise that the individual conscious human being is the greatest value in existence. In other words, there is no greater value or higher cause than protecting and preserving individual human consciousness. You can be, do, and have immensely valuable things for yourself and society when allowed to simply live and let live.

If you're unfamiliar with this fundamental, natural law, then allow me to introduce you to...

The Prime Law is the fundamental, natural law of protection (that directs all decisions and actions of each individual human being living in the Civilization of the Universe) and is not open to amendment or change.

The Prime Law Preamble says that the purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily, which resonates deeply with me. If so, then I intend to build my prosperity and happiness, thus I'm moving myself and my life forward toward the greater fulfillment of that purpose.

With that said, I'm looking for those focused on fulfilling the same or very similar purpose and I'm positively expecting that you are among the rare individuals who I'm signaling for.

The second question is...

What is the essence of human beings?

The Essence of Being Human

The essence of being human is our unique capacity for consciousness, creativity, and love. Unlike any other creature, we human beings have the ability 1) to reflect on ourselves and the world, 2) to imagine new possibilities, and 3) to connect deeply with others. And so...

The simple formula for Prosperity and Happiness is Value Creation plus Value Reflection.

Value Creation is the process of bringing new value into existence. It involves producing or generating things that have worth and positively contribute to the world in some way.

Value Reflection is appreciating the value you and others have created and integrating a sense of fulfillment from your achievements and contributions. Enjoying your happiness.

Improve the core elements of your Health, your ability to generate Wealth, and deepen the level of Peace within your connections with People so you can further boost your overall prosperity and happiness in your lifestyle.

This virtuous cycle of Value Creation and Value Reflection enables us to experience a new dimension of emotional states of prosperity and happiness. This is the way to live the life you love and also love the life you live. Creating and reflecting values together is the way.

Value creation, making values for society, brings you prosperity and happiness; value reflection, spending time with your loved ones, lets you feel and enjoy all of your prosperity and happiness.

Of course, I like to spend time with like-minded co-creators who practice this code of living so if this sounds like you, then question three might strike a chord with you and your body.

The third question is...

What is the ultimate reason for being?

The Ultimate of Being Human

A concept that is closely related to purpose and essence is telos, which in this case refers to the ultimate end or goal every human aims to achieve based on their essential nature.

The ultimate reason for being human is to become the person you were meant to be and live the life you were meant to live by always improving oneself and society for the better.

One perspective sees ikigia as the convergence of what you love, what you're good at, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for. This sweet spot represents a path to self-actualization, but less lofty than telos.

Of course, the specific reason for being is unique and different for everyone. Yet your core reason for being as an individual can be supercharged when you align it with our ultimate reason for being as a collective. What is our overarching reason for being humans living on Earth? If we aim to participate and contribute in the most mutually beneficial way, then we must consider the various stakeholders, such as Life, the Earth, the Human Organism, etc.

All living systems aim to flourish, the Earth aims to provide the conditions for life to thrive, and the Human Organism fundamentally seeks health, vitality, longevity, and immortality.

Our collective reason for being may be to harmonize human civilization with life, earth, and everybody, creating symbiotic, equitable, flourishing ecosystems that allow all stakeholders to mutually thrive in balance. Imagine a world of universal wealth, health, and peace for all.

With all that said, why do humans die and why isn't life on Earth more mutually beneficial? Well, it's because of supply and demand. Not enough good people desire to live longer and too many bad people hold back progress. The Prime Law solves this problem by ending the degenerative rule of man to launch the regenerative wealth, health, and peace of mankind.

Life does not truly begin until death is overcome.

Simply said, our next big step is to graduate from Degens into Regens within our lifetimes, which involves providing the conditions that let everyone prosper and live happily, forever.

Guaranteeing The Conditions

At this phase in our journey to become more humane and live more civilized, perhaps the grandest value is to help organize random breezes of individuals into a hurricane force of collectives – a parallel society – with the capacity to uphold and abide by The Prime Law.

This is my focus and I sense that establishing these conditions requires three key activities:

  1. Building Your Personal Network
  2. Developing Our Global Network
  3. Developing Our Local Networks

My theory is that strengthening our personal, global, and local networks is the best way to generate enough surplus of energy and power to overcome humanity's survival state, plus amass a large enough population, income, and real estate footprint to be a Network State, which is a highly aligned online cooperative (i.e., a company, a community, and a country) with a capacity for collective action that crowdfunds physical territories around the world and eventually gains diplomatic recognition from pre-existing states. This is the best way.

The process to achieve the status, standing, and capacity of a Network State governed by The Prime Law (along with its Three Laws and Seven Rules) involves three crucial phases:

  1. Phase 1: Turning a startup society into a network union makes it a digital cooperative (i.e., complete with business, social, and political systems) capable of collective action.
  2. Phase 2: Turning that network union into a network archipelago manifests all that collective action in the real world, as the cooperative crowdfunds physical properties around the world and connects them via the internet.
  3. Phase 3: Finally, an impressive enough network archipelago can achieve diplomatic recognition from an existing government, thereby becoming a true network state.

So that is pretty much the master plan more or less. Sound good to you? Ready to collab?

Well, I'm looking for like-minded friends and fellows who are game to co-create this value.

Let's Prosper Happily Forever

My friends and I are building a society of families who are working together to strengthen the conditions that let us prosper and live happily in a world protected by The Prime Law.

If you agree to abide by The Prime Law, then we can be friends.
If you're making values for society, then we can be great friends.
If you strongly desire to live longer, then we can be true friends.

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